Sep 14 , 2020

Random Heat Waves Says Summer Isn’t Over, Best outfit Choices for hot weather conditions

Random Heat Waves Says Summer Isn’t Over,

Best outfit Choices for hot weather conditions.

We all thought summer was ready to go, but the universe had other plans, its Heave wave season yaay! ……Ok truly not yaay! One moment we’re having a good day, the next thing were getting alerts that the temperature is going to sky rocket to serious hot conditions !!!

I mean we all love summer as an excuse to wear lesser clothes, but we don’t want it to be too hot now, do we? We also love an excuse for ice-cream, but we also want our make up in place. We all desire an averagely good-looking weather to enjoy our day.

Apart from increasing the air conditioning, let us take a dive into the best outfit choices for a heat wave.

The best outfit choice for a heat wave if we are being true to ourselves is our birthday suit. Wink* wink*, but since we don’t want to be on the good morning news the next day, you can also try any of these tips below.


Now this is the holy grail of all things when it comes to dressing for hot weather conditions. Shorts have a way of giving you that extra confidence to face the heat while showing off your beautiful legs, it also allows you to navigate through your day without getting irritated or uncomfortable. Shorts can be paired with a crop top, bodysuit, a camisole, or a light textured top with choice fabrics like cotton, chiffon, or satin.

Mini Skirts

A mini-skirt is pretty much the younger sister of shorts, however a mini-skirt gives a more feminine tasteful look and depending on how a mini-skirt is styled, it can be pulled off for both casual laidback looks, it is also very suitable for day and evening events.

Midi Dresses shirt dresses, Sundresses, and Rompers.

We may be risking jail time if we left out this category out. Diamonds should be replaced with dresses as a girl’s best friend, do you agree? Or maybe we can have both!

These outfit choices are a perfect match for a hot day, particularly pieces with light soft fabric. See below for a good dose of inspiration.

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