Sep 30 , 2020

FALL ESSENTIALS: How to make 2020’s fall the best yet.

We know it’s been a very trying year and it seems to be closely coming to an end. We all had a lot of plans and expectations this year and yes, with all its shortcomings, we still believe 2020 has some good things still in store for you. Keep that positive spirit going.

Fall is a season of many favorites and in the world of fashion its even more loved for many reasons; one of which is the fact that so many types and textures of clothes are involved. Whoever evented the phrase the more the merrier must have loved the fall season too.

The Temperature is lower, colder and that means more outfits and layering to keep warm. But life can never be that bad even in harsh conditions; fashion always has a way of saving the day.

Let us begin shall we?


Essential No 1

Cardigans, sweaters and all that cozy stuff

This is one of the holy grails of essentials when it comes to the fall season. Usually paired with tights, jeans and regular pants. We decided to leave this outfit inspiration right below with a little pop of color.


Essential No 2

Leather Jacket

We all look forward to this time of the year to wear everything leather and take the world by storm. A leather jacket is an outfit game changer. Never fails! Thank us later.


Essential No 3

Trench Coat and Body Suits

Straight ticket to looking like a bag of money? Try this look.  The body suit hugs every inch of your body. It gives a certain confidence and mystery and we can’t even put a finger on, it just there. A trench coat, usually tagged as a more serious but essential item during colder conditions can also pull off a classy and soft look. Just Yum! And beige is just one of the best colors to wear during the fall.


Essential No 4

Active wear

This is literally 2020’s outfit choice award of the year and we’re still ready for some more active wear for fall. From hoodies to sweatpants, leggings, crop tops, knit wear. All that sings is cozy cozy cozy. Now we’re going even further, we want cozy but hot!



Essential No 5

More Leather and Boots!!

As seen in most of the outfit collages for your viewing pleasure, boots are one of the best essential foot accessories during the fall season. They protect your feet from the cold, gives you the confidence to step into a crowded space and make your presence known and oh we forgot to mention how sexy it can look when paired right.

Leather is also such a unique fabric choice for the fall and winter season.  For a casual or more sophisticated look, leather always leaves you winning. Check out some more outfit choices below.



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