The woman you’ve always wanted to be.

The Best Version of Yourself.

The path to self-discovery.


Creating quality timeless pieces on a killer low budget (we know right, sounds like Heaven!). Morey Faith is not just a brand for the purpose of sales but a brand with the desire to make a real difference in your life!

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Being the absolute best version of yourself in every aspect of your life is a desire creative director and CEO; Morey faith wants for every woman. She discovered that so many women today do not believe they are worth it for various reasons, for example financial limitations or self- doubt. Faith made it her life mission to change that narrative and empower women the best way she knew how, through fashion. With a high dose of passion, hard work, countless sleepless nights and team work, The Morey Faith Collection became a reality.

A brand focused on creating timeless versatile pieces that you will never want to let out of your wardrobe, can be restyled in too many ways to count and on a low budget that will make eavesdroppers and haters pluck out their sockets.

Our online store has been recognized as a place that caters to the needs of all kinds of women with a special place in our hearts for tall women. We have come up with a brand that we believe tells our story to the world and leaves a special message to you to carry on a lifetime.