Who Are We?

We Are MoreyFaith

Faith Morey, the creator of MFC, has always been noticed for her love for sparkling outfits.
From sequins to crystals and rhinestones, she dares be different, lighting up the rooms and the parties as she strides. 
It was that daring love that gave birth to the dream that is Morey Faith Collection.


MoreyFaith Collection has one goal - to spread a message.

Stand out. Venture to be different. Captivate the room the moment you walk in.
You are dazzling in every way, so why not let people know it?


MoreyFaith Collection is an online swimwear and lingerie store.

We strive to introduce different styles in pool parties, photo shoots, trips to the beach, or on fabulous vacations. 
We aim to enhance your beauty, compliment your body, and captivate the attention of any room.


Bring the "WOW!" factor to any occasion.

We believe all women are beautiful, so we provide dazzling swimwear and lingerie for all shapes and sizes.


Be confident. Live bedazzled. Ultra-dazzled.