Sep 04 , 2020

Covid19 Dairies/ Love Letter to Quarantine


Covid19 Dairies/ Love Letter to Quarantine.

Are you ever in that space where you are in a party and the DJ is playing your favorite song and all of a sudden, he switches to a dead ass beat? You’restanding there, your dance moves are awkward and you’re just humming, trying to suffer the temporary agony until the DJ plays sometime better. That is 2020 to us right now.

The year started off to a great beat. Everyone was so excited for the promising gifts 2020 had to offer. That euphoric feeling didn’t last long did it?

It’s been over 6 months now and the dead ass music of Covid19, the pandemic that shook the world hasn’t stop playing. We’re thankful though that at least quarantine is over and were finding ways to stay safe while being out and about. Cities and boarders are slowly opening but life is still way far from normal. I bet you have your own tales of `how this pandemic has affected you, alongside the exaggerated version you plan to tell your grandkids.

For now, let’s open our Diaries and reminiscence on what it was like doing those days of quarantine, the things we discovered and learnt; Let’s call it; A Love Letter to Quarantine.


Lesson no 1

Life takes its on wheels

One minute we had great plans for the weekend with our girlfriends, the next we were rushing to the grocery store fighting for toilet paper.

When the order for self-isolation and quarantine came; I guess we all realized that life could take a sudden turn and throw all our plans in the trash


Lesson no 2

Heavens Call

We all know were going to die someday; but the sudden unexpected deaths of love ones or friends of loved ones had a bitter taste the last few months. the worst thing about those moments in quarantine was the inability to even say a proper goodbye…. Hurts deep. We give out all our heart, love,encouragement, and condolences for all who lost a loved one from Covid19.


Lesson no 3

Couple Goals or Nah?

Quarantine gave many couples a compulsory how well do you know your partner test.

For some it was a blissful time with date nights at home, playing board games, doing chores together, crazy sex and good laughs.

For others it wasn’t so blissful, some secrets were revealed, all that time alone made somerealize that they really do not know their partners as much as they thought. Infidelities and entanglements were exposed, those that had violence tendencies, with nowhere to go all that pent up frustration was  melted down on their partners and many were inflicted with physical, emotional and psychological scars, some got bored and realized they had fallen out of love, tales of break ups and divorces and went up the scale.

I guess this time made some couples see wherethey were getting things right and where they were getting it wrongand if it was worth saving. If this applies to you, we do hope you made the right decision and you’re doing okay. Sending lots of love to you.


Lesson no 4

Old talents renewed; New Talents revealed

One of our favorite lessons from quarantine is that talents and  skills were flying left and  right and social media  was buzzing  with people sharing what they spenttheir time doing; from gardening, baking, trying  new  cooking recipes ,painting, new found  love for fashion and shopping, becoming  more  tech  savvy, creating an  App, exercising and getting fit, or for some of us, discovering a new found love for food and eating our way to complete joy and happiness .  We hope like us, you found something to occupy your time during quarantine.


Lesson no 5

Mask up or go home

Oh yes, now that was a bummer wasn’t it!

One of the essential requirements given out by the government during quarantine and till date was, wear a mask when you’re outside.Oh yes and sometimes penalties for defaulters was involved. This may have been one of the most unexpected realities many had to deal with, wearing a mask, every single day, and the day after that, and the day after that ….

However, we have those that accepted this new reality as an essential to staying safe and protecting others, we are meant to be our sister’skeepers, right?  We have those who brought some extra spice into it andwore more fashionable and trendy masks. I mean if you’re going to be wearing it every day, better to do it with some sass!

Stay stunned for a separate blog post on where to get the most fashionable mask.



Lesson no 6

Virtual Dating

lalalalala, all the single ladies, let us see your hands up.

We understand, you thought 2020 may be the year to find the love of your life and every weekend would be date night to a fancy restaurant, however, quarantine had other plans. We learnt that there are so many ways to date without seeing in person with the use of ….. wait for it! …. of course, technology!

We sawpeople meeting online through dating websites, social media platformsand engaging themselves with skype, facetime, and zoom, I mean people had virtual date nights, a few actually kicked off a full blown relationship; we’ll call them “the quarantine lovers of our time”. What’s not to love about that, 2020 has been prettyinteresting right?

That’s it for lessons today guys

We know nothing can replace the normal you were used to before all this craziness happened, and you want this year to be over and done with already (CANCEL 2020!). We understand how you feel, but know this, life will always have its ups and downs and there will always a positive side to everything. Take this positive attitude to Post quarantine and enjoy these days like it’s our last.


Let us know what lessons you took from your quarantine days in the comment session below.


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